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Torah Anthology Me'am Lo'ez Shmuel I
Author: Rabbi Shmuel Yerushalmi
Publisher: MZ


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The Book of Samuel is the third in the books of the Prophets (Neviim). In the Mesroah Concordance, the boks known today as Samuel One and Samuel Two are considered a single work; apparently separated by transcribers and printers in more recent times. In its entirety, the Book of Samuel, which covers a period on 93 years, can be seen as the bridge between the era of the judges and the beginning of the era of prophets.

According to tradition, the Book of Samuel, up to the words "Now Samuel had died" was authored by Samuel, the "master of the prophets." The rest was completed by Gad the seer and Natan the prophet. Beginning with the birth of Samuel and the ministry of Eli as High Priest, the book goes on to detail Saul's anointment, the transference of the monarchy to David, Saul's persecution of David, and Saul's death. Book Two describes David's rule and the events which transpired during his reign.

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