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Torah Anthology Me'am Lo'ez - Genesis I
Author: Rabbi Yaakov Culi
Publisher: MZ

Berashis - 4 Volumes: 1-3b
Vol. 1 $24.00
Vol. 2 $24.00
Vol. 3a $24.00
Vol. 3b $24.00

  Product Description
The Me'am Lo'ez (Torah Anthology) commentary on the Bible was originally written in the Ladino language in Constantinople, first by Rabbi Yaakov Culi, one of the greatest Sephardic sages of his times. The first books were first published in 1730. Later volumes were completed by successive rabbinic scholars. It is a monumental classical work which weaves halachah and aggadah from the Talmud and the Midrash with the best of the later commentaries to produce an exceedingly thorough, yet immensely readable, work. The Torah Anthology is a clear, modern translation. These volumes are among the best commentaries ever written on the Torah - in any language. They are a veritable enclyclopedia of Jewish knowledge.

Beraishis - Genesis
Torah Portions included per volume:
  • Volume 1 Beginings: Beraishis, Noach
  • Volume 2 The Patriarchs: Lech Lecha, VaYera, Chayei Sarah, Toledos
  • Volume 3a The 12 Tribes: VaYetze, VaYishlach, VaYeshev
  • Volume 3b Joseph in Egypt: Miketz, VaYigash, VaYechi
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