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8th Day Brooklyn - Volume 2 06962
Publisher: 14th Terrace Records


  Product Description
The original songs and fresh style of 8th Day has attracted one of LA's top mixing talent, Andy Haller, who has worked with major record companies like Hollywood, Columbia and Epic Records. 8th Day is the musical product of the Marcus family (nephews of Avraham Fried) based in Southern California. All songs are written by the band, for the band, and this recording features 12 fresh songs with hits like "Krenitz" (Babinyu), "Wake Up," and of course the title track "Brooklyn." The album is full of treats from guest artists like Fernando Rao on bass, and Shaya Lieberman (of Isaiah and the Prophets) on keys, and Gidon Shikler (of the Rockrites) on sax. This is a must album for any music lover. Like the first album, 8th Day's new "Brooklyn" CD features Marcus Bothers Benny and Shmuel on lead vocals, Benny on guitar and vocals, and Zalman, Chaim, Yossi and Eli adding their sweet harmonies.
  • Brooklyn
  • C.D.S.G.
  • Been a Long Time
  • Don't Forget
  • Wake Up
  • Krenitz (Babinyu)
  • Broken Hearts
  • Cateye Glasses
  • In the Painting
  • Instrumental
  • Friends on a Hill
  • Azamer
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