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Death & Bereavement
Author: Harav David Assaf
Publisher: IB

Its Origins, Meanings and Laws


  Product Description
This book is an authoritative guide covering every aspect of one of the most famous prayers in the siddur: Kaddish.

The author, drawing on his vast store of traditional Jewish sources, traces the development of Kaddish from the earliest Biblical sources, through the sages of the Talmud and the Goanim, to the present day. Kaddish can be understood on many levels. The author cites little-known Midrashim, Kabbalistic sources, and many other seforim are cited, ensuring that the reader comes away enriched with fresh insights into this timeless prayer. Included is a very comprehensive anthology of useful (and sometimes unusual) laws of Kaddish, with sections on:
  • Yahrzeit
  • Death, burial and mourning
  • Who should recite Kaddish?
  • Answering Amen correctlt
  • And much more
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