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Jewish History & Biography
The Roar of a Lion
Author: Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Reinman

The Roar of a Lion The Life and Times of the Kol Aryeh, Rav Avraham Yehudah Hakohein Schwartz HardCover / 255 pages


  Product Description
low yourself to be transported back in time to a majestic, wondrous period in contemporary Jewish history.This beautifully written biography, the life and times of Rav Avraham Yehudah Hakohein Schwartz, one of the greatest talmidim of the Sanzer Rav and the Chasam Sofer. Every riveting page gives a fascinating account of the illustrious gedolim of this bygone era--its challenges and its precious triumphs. Feel the winds of change blow through Hungary, as Reform tries to make inroads into the Jewish Nation; Join the chassidim at the Sanzer Rav's table, and meet the Chasam Sofer in the last year of his life. But above all, imbibe the inspiring greatness of the Kol Aryeh, whose legacy lives on even today
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