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  Jewish History & Biography


Jewish History & Biography
Let Them Journey
Author: Jennifer Hall and Pesah Leah Porat
Publisher: HB


  Product Description
This book illustrates the story of Jewish migration in the last hundred years, from an unusual perspective. There is no faceless narrator sweeping the characters along the tides of history; the stories are told by the people themselves, unaltered and with all the poignancy of memory intact.

These people, their lives overshadowed and sometimes obliterated by catastrophic events, relate in their own words what it was like to be a Jew in such a world and under such conditions.

It is precisely this extremely personal view which answers the larger question of how G-d in His great mercy, cares for His creations.

The recollections related in this book provide an interesting, enlightening and informative panorama of the varied Jewish experiences in the twentieth century.

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