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Jewish History & Biography
THE ARRIVAL: I Sought God in Hell
Author: Mietek Weintraub


  Product Description
Travel from a comfortable middle-class life in Lodz, Poland, to the depths of hell in the world's most notorious Nazi Death Camp, Auschwitz Birkenau – experience gut-wrenching hunger and the daily struggle to survive constant danger in this gruesome account of brutality that defines the heretofore unimaginable cruelty of man versus man.

Narrated with frequent flashbacks of significant events from the past, The Arrival: I Sought God in Hell is a lucid, well-written, powerfully authentic and vividly depicted account of a seventeen year-old boy who survives the starvation and trials of the Lodz Ghetto, including witnessing a public hanging, only to arrive with his mother in Auschwitz and immediately view a notorious kapo brutally torture and murder the Chief of the Lodz-Ghetto Police; observe the demise of the ghetto's Eldest of the Jews, "King" Chaim Rumkowski; face the daily grind in this factory of death as implemented by the wanton cruelty of the kapos and the SS; and behold other historical events all scrupulously recalled with a deep comprehension of human emotions that surface when confronting extreme situations. As the days progress and death becomes imminent, the protagonist also struggles with his trust in God.

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