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  Jewish History & Biography


Jewish History & Biography
Author: Rabbi Yisroel Elfenbain

A hebrew biography of the Mishpia R Nissan Nemenov

Made In Israel


  Product Description
Chazal Say that "if only a Jew would pray all day"
R Nissan Nemenov epitomized this concept. by making this the focus of his life.
As the Mishpia of Chassidim in France, he encouraged at every possable occasion his students, to pray like a chosid, eat like a chosid and live like a chosid.

this book has 933 pages filled with stories of the hard days of sacrifices under the soviets to the better times of the recent past.
Of his personal and family travails, to his approach of leading the Yeshiva Tomchai Tmimim in Brenoy France.

The book has a trove of letters from the Rebbe to him (letters that are printed here for the first time), revealing the personal interest that the Rebbe took in him and the yeshiva.

In short a fascinating story of a Chosid, who lived the life of a Chosid

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