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Jewish Law/Halachah
Anshei Hayil
Author: Rabbi Haim Levy
Publisher: FP

Practical Halachot in Accordance with Sephardic Tradition: Hashkamat HaBoker, Netillat Yadayim, Tsitsit, Tefillin, Daily Prayer Service, and More Hard Cover / 270 pages


  Product Description
A Holy Jewel Glows Bright For the Sephardic Community With This One-of-a-Kind Work!
Have you ever encountered a book that is at once so inspiring, enlightening, and practical that it is absolutely astonishing? This book is exactly that: it presents the practical halachot in accordance with Sephardic tradition but is written in so rich a style, interspersing hashkafah, stories from our Sages, and beautiful Torah wisdom, that it belongs in a class all its own. The author, a renowned talmid haham and teacher, gives the greater Sephardic community a precious work in the form of this outstanding, multi-faceted book. Learn all practical halachot of rising, hand-washing, laying tefillin, daily prayer, and more, in this clear, lucid, and eminently readable book, the first volume in a continuing series. Based primarily on the Shulchan Aruch, it also includes the rulings of the Hida, the Ben Ish Hai, R' Ben Tsion Abba Shaul, among others, under the authoritative guidance of HaRav Ovadia Yossef, shlita. Written in a manner and style that will appeal to Jews all across the religious spectrum, with an extensive index and sources.

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