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Jewish Law/Halachah
Nissim V'Niflaos Pesach

Halachic Perspectives on Pesach Based on the Shiurim of HaRav Don Blumberg Rabbi Chaim Gross Hardcover,Pages: 563


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Fundamental issues relating to Pesach have been debated for the centuries: Are hand baked Shemurah matzos an actual requirement or an exalted custom? Does Erev Pesach have status as Yom Tov? Why do we interrupt the seder recitation of Hallel with the festive meal? Is Matzah a seven day mitzvah like sukkah? What Mitzvhos are compulsory for women at the seder: What is the basis for the permissive Powerof and Eiruv Tavshilin?

Now, Based on the Shiurim of Rav Don Blumberg, Chaim Gross offers a cogent review in English of these and many other topics.Follow the give and take of the halachic debates and participate in this timeless dialogue.

This Beautifully written work will dramatically enhance your festival of freedom!

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