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Jewish Law/Halachah
The Eternal Bond
Author: Chaim Press
Publisher: fp

Hardcover, 231 pages, The Laws, Traditions, and Customs of the Jewish Wedding

  Product Description
Every marriage is made in heaven. The Jewish wedding is the moment when the chassan and kallah begin to create their own heaven on earth: the eternal bond.

The kallah encircles her chassan underneath the chuppah and then takes her place at his side. Berachos are recited, wine is sipped, the ring is slipped on the kallah's finger: Mazal tov! Two souls united as one. Why do we need to perform these wedding rituals? What is the deeper meaning behind our traditions? This clear, informative, and fascinating new book presents many of the customs, laws, and traditions surrounding the Jewish wedding that we observe today, with inspiring stories and explanations from Chazal and gedolim. An excellent resource for chassanim, kallos, and their families, to understand and appreciate the deeper meaning and messages that lie behind the Jewish wedding. A priceless gift for every chassan and kallah, and an invaluable keepsake for every Jewish home.

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