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Jewish Law/Halachah
A Joyful Mother of Children
Author: Rabbi Dovid Simcha Rosenthal
Publisher: FP

A Compilation of Prayers, suggestions and laws for the Jewish expectant family


  Product Description
In Tractate Eruvin 100b, our sages describe what is written in Genesis 3:16, regarding the woman's punishment for all generations because of the sin of Chava: She will encounter discomfort during the course of pregnancy, and she will undergo travail during labor and delivery. Pregnancy can be a trying period. Often climaxing with a difficult labor and delivery. There are several writings by our sages that discuss this period. In this work, some of their suggested prayers and ideas that are meant for an easier pregnancy, labor and delivery, have been gathered together. In the forthcoming pages the reader will find: Prayers, in the original text (with vowels added), and translated into English. Spiritual remedies and advice, from their original sources in Hebrew, and translated into English. Various laws pertaining to pregnancy, delivery, and after childbirth. For example, laws of Shabbos, fasting and blessing upon childbirth, etc. An appendix, including the exact words of the proper blessings which are to be made when a child is born. A glossary of all the Hebrew terms herein. A bibliography of those authors and works which have been cited.

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