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Jewish Law/Halachah
The Laws of Tzitzis
Author: Rabbi Aharon Pollak
Publisher: FP

A practical guide to making and wearing tzitzis
booklet $5.99

  Product Description
The aim of this book is to provide the English-speaking public with basic guidelines on the laws and requirements of tzitzis, as well as some background informaiton about the mitzvah. Certain chapters deal mainly with the maing of tzitzis and are thus not fully relevant to a person who buys ready-made tzitzis. Nevertheless, it is still strongly recommended that these chapters be read carefully, as there are many points contained in them that are relevant to one who wears ready-made tzitzis.
The book also deals with the wearing of tzitzis, the blessing to make when putting them on and what to do with torn or damaged tzitzis. These points are of vital importance to anyone who wishes to fulfill the mitzvah of tzitzis correctly.

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