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  Jewish Law/Halachah


Jewish Law/Halachah
A Time To Refrain
Author: Rabbi Shmuel Bruckenstein
Publisher: FP

A Detailed Guide to Laws of Harchokos Niddah


  Product Description
"A Time to Refrain" deals with the laws of Harchokos Niddah. Every common situation and some uncommon ones as well, have been incorporated in this book and the appropriate halachos provided. This sefer will tell you what to do in the following situations: "Please pass the baby." "Help me lift the stroller please." "Can I get a sip from your Kiddush Cup?" "Will we be able to sit together in the car?" "I can't even hold a spoon. Please give me my medicine." A comprehensive, user-friendly index enables the reader to find applicable halachah for almost every situation. The reader will become competent and confident in practicing these halachos, and will rejoice in knowing that this subject can be truly understood and observed in its entirety.
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