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  Jewish Law/Halachah


Jewish Law/Halachah
Concise Guide to Jewish Family Laws
Author: Rabbi Zev Schostak
Publisher: IB


  Product Description
The highly acclaimed, Concise Guide To Jewish Family Laws is recommended by leading rabbis and teachers the world over as the authoritative guide to Taharath Hamishpacha. Sold out in its previous four editions, this new edition has been completely updated and released in an attractive contemporary format.

The only guide in the English language with Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's approbation.
The only halachic guide to also feature a complete section devoted to the hashkafah of the Jewish Family Laws.
A reader-friendly book written in a clear, crisp, and concise style.
It is fully annotated. Ideal for scholars and laymen alike.
A comprehensive Mikvah Directory of the United States, and related websites featuring important information and resources.

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