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  Jewish Law/Halachah


Jewish Law/Halachah
Author: Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch
Publisher: IB

The deep meaning of the mitzvoth as revealed by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch!


  Product Description
"Horeb is Rabbi Samson Raphael HirschÕs masterful presentation of Jewish laws and observances, with particular emphasis on their underlying ideas. It has proved in many ways to be HirschÕs most decisive work, representing a milestone in the return to Halacha as the pivot of Jewish life. Hirsch won back the Jewish youth of his day by introducing them to the underlying ideas of Torah laws. He showed them that the TorahÕs religious commandments, or mitzvos, are not mere ÔceremoniesÕ to be discarded at will, but Divine rules of life for the people of G-d, eternal and inviolable, that they are religious power-stations which create a spirit of holiness among the people of Israel. HirschÕs words still ring true today. Horeb can serve to re-kindle your commitment to the Torah and mitzvos. It is an important book for any thinking Jew."
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