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Jewish Law/Halachah
Sometimes You Are What You Wear!
Author: Rabbi Eliyahu Safran
Publisher: je

An Argument for Tzniut - Modesty, Paperback, 158 pages


  Product Description
Rabbi Safran's compelling book about the need to incorporate the traditional view of modesty if we are to save our children from the superficiality, the decadence and the damaging influences of our modern, "progressive" society, opens with a simple question, "What can an Orthodox rabbi tell me about my children or my life?" In his book, Rabbi Dr. Safran goes on to make clear that an Orthodox rabbi has quite a bit to say about the modern world, the power of spirituality, and the particularly powerful religious world view of Judaism. Rabbi Safran presents the traditional view of modesty in the context of Judaism's unique way of looking at the world. For Judaism, seeks an appropriate balance between the physical and the spiritual, denying neither and recognizing that the beauty of God's creative wisdom inhabits both. Rabbi Safran presents the traditional Jewish view of modesty, tzniut, by first questioning the "benefit" that the modern world has bestowed upon us.

Indeed, he takes the strong position that our modern world has sought to turn our children into "commodities" that serve to benefit a corporate bottom line, but not the best interests of our children. The superficiality of the modern world, with its emphasis on body image, has done a profound disservice to us and to our children. There are ever more young people turning to illicit sexual encounters, alcohol and drug abuse, and who suffer from psychological struggles like eating disorders. In this context, Rabbi Safran does not present tzniut as a "quick fix." Far from it. He establishes the textual, spiritual and historical context for modesty and demonstrates with candor.

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