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  Jewish Law/Halachah


Jewish Law/Halachah
B'or Ha'torah Vol 10
Publisher: SB

Science, The Arts, And Problems Of Modern Life in The Light of The Torah


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Torah Ecology
Dr.Aryeh gotfryd Global Ecology:On the Road Redemption.
Prof.herman Branover Towards Environmental consciousness - The need to Educate
ilana & Yehoda Attia A.Selected Bibliography of Jewish Environmental Law
Rabbi Dr.Aryeh Strikovsky G-d, Man,
and Tree.
prof. Yehudah Levi The Problem of Ecology

The Spiritual and Physical Properties of Water.
Eyal Goldberer, MD, MF Hom. Healing Bitter Water and water as an Agent in Healing.
Rabbi Dr. Aryeh strikovsky The biblical History of rainfall and Irrigation.
yanki Tauber The Fluidity of Life: From the Notebboks of rabbi menahem M.Schneerson.

The Jewish Woman
Rabbi Dr.reuven P.Bulka Together in Separateness:Taharat Ha'Mishpaha
Miriam Schwarz Blood, Wine, and childbirth: A Commentary on leviticus Chapter 12.
Marilyn Tokayer Parental attitude and Child Development.
Sarah Shapiro Some Thoughts on the Burning Flames.

Torah Economics
Peter kalms Justic in the Marketplace
Dr.Russell jay hendel Jewish bankruptcy law as a vehicle foe Societal Kindness.

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