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  Jewish Law/Halachah


Jewish Law/Halachah
B'or Ha'torah Vol 12
Publisher: SB

Soul & Body:Stem Cell Research. Human Cloning & genetic Engineering.


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Human coloing:is it Kosher?
Prof.Miryam Z.Wahrman

Genetic Screening,Genetic
Therapy and Coloning in Judaism
prof. Fred Rosner, MD, FACP

Cell and Organ Transplantation:
The Torah Perspective
Rabbi prof. Moshe D. Tendler

Soul and Body - Judaism,
Modern Medicine, and Cloning
prof. Tobiy Gurvich,MD DSc

Artificial insemination and Surrogate
Motherhood thrugh the prism
of jewish Law.

Cloning Revisited:Blessing or Curse?
Daniel kantor, Prof.Jeffrey kantor
& Jonathhan Kantor.

Jewish medical Ethics on the
Threshold of new Century:
Trends and Challenges
Prof.Velvl Greene.

Using Jewish medical Ethics to
Appreciate the Relative
Among the Absolute
Prof.Louis Flancbaum, MD

the impact of religion and spirituality
on Human health
Jonathan Braunstein,MD

Cardio-Energetics and the Kabbala
Rabbi Dr. Arthur Seltzer

Spiritual Modality for Behavior
Rebbi Sholom D. Lipsker

G-d and morality
Prof.Yitzchok Block

Science and Religion:
The Range of Engagement
prof.James E.Huchingson

Torah study, prayer and health:
A Proposal to Examine the impact
of Torah study and prayer
on the health of Older Adults
Dr.pamela H. Elfenbein, MSW

Letter to the Editor
rabbi yehuda Henkin

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