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  Jewish Law/Halachah


Jewish Law/Halachah
B'or Ha'torah Vol 13
Publisher: SB

Adam & Eve Collapse the Quantum wave Function?


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And G-d Said
"Let There Have Been a Big Bang"
Avi Rabinowitz, phD

On the Age of the Universe
Alexander Poltorak, phD

Observer and the System of
Reference: A Unified View
Prof.Ruvin Ferber and Prof.Herman branover.

Give Me Place to Stand!
Prof.Juris Zakis

Creation and the Symbiosis of Science and Judaism
Prof.Norbert Samuelson

Genesis 1 Speaks about the
Creation of prophecy, Not the
Creation of the World
Russell jay Hendel, phD

Continental Drift, Asteroid impacts,
and flood
Yaacov Hanoka, phD

Richard Dawkins and Darwinian
Prof. Nathan Aviezer

Review of Not by Chance:
Shattering the Modern Theory of
Evolution by Dr.Lee Spetner
Prof.Edward Simon

Different Levels of infinity in Torah
and Mathematic
Tsvi Victor Sas, phD

A System of Logic for Messianic
Prof.shimon Silman

Artifical, Human, and infinite
Prof.Yossef Marcio Zukin

mathematical Drash
Ari Blenkiy, phD

finding G-d in the study of
sociology of Religion
Meanchem Kovacs, phD

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