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  Jewish Law/Halachah


Jewish Law/Halachah
B'or Ha'torah Vol 9
Publisher: SB

Science, The Arts, And Problems Of Modern life Of Torah.


  Product Description
Prof. Eliexer Zeiger
Torah is to Science as is to havaya

Prof. Herman branover
on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Philosophy of Science.

Prof. Yehudah Levi
on the ecomomic system of the torah, part two.

Prof.Shimon Glick, MD & Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
on telling the truth to the serious ill

Prof.A.S Abraham, MD,FRCP & prof.G.N. Schlesinger.

Natan Pinsky
a new universal system to convert dates from the hebrew to the Christian Calendar.

Prof. Alvin Radkowske, Andrew Solow Carroll & Rabbio eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg.
Letters to editor.

Rabbi Dr. naftali Berg
concepts of quantum Physics and chaos theory illuminate hasidic interpretations of Divine providence and free will.

prof.daniel Michelson, prof.paul eidelberg, & rabbi Pinchas Stolper versus prof.A.M. hasofer
debate on the significance and methodology of the codes found in the torah by computer search.

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