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  Jewish Law/Halachah


The Garden of Riches
Author: Arush, Rabbi Shalom
Publisher: Translated by: Rabbi Lazer Brody

Paperback / 254 pages


  Product Description
In medicine, they say that a good prognosis is half the cure. The same principle holds true in finances. With that in mind, as soon as you lay your hands on this book, half your financial woes will be over. With loads of advice that the best advisors on Wall Street won't be able to give you, here you can tap into unlimited financial reserves - Hashem's. Learn how a weak economy and a recessive job market have no bearing on you, whatsoever. Learn how to escape from the most seemingly hopeless debt situations. Find out how to have enough for everything you need.
The English-language version of B’Gan Ha’osher, this book has already become immensely popular in Israel. It’s an enjoyable, reader-friendly and informative guidebook for attaining an adequate, stress-free income and a debt-free life; this is no small blessing in light of the global economy crumbling all around us.
Let this powerful book become your trusty companion and practical guide to a pleasurable, worry-free livelihood.

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