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A Matter Of Interest
Author: Rabbi Mordechai Kanner
Publisher: FP

A practical guide to the laws of ribis

Made In Israel


  Product Description
Lending money with interest can be a violation of up to six Torah prohibitions. Yet many of us who are fully conversant with the laws of Shabbos or kashrus know little about this enormously important area of halachah.

A Matter of Interest: A Practical Guide to the Laws of Ribis show us that these halachos are the domain of more than just the banker or moneylender. Businesspeople, lawyers, accountants, secretaries, investors, employers, and homemakers — almost anyone with financial dealings of any sort must be aware of the laws or risk transgressing them.

Written in a particularly clear and cogent manner with practical applications and examples, this volume even includes standardized heter iska forms. A Matter of Interest will help ensure that we bring the same level of careful Torah observance that we have in our homes and shuls to our workplace as well.

(225 Pages)

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