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Taking Stock
Author: Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Publisher: JD

A spiritual guide to rising above life's financial ups and downs


  Product Description
What is it about money that not only makes us feel secure but also drives us to measure our true worth by our financial standing? Whether we've experienced unmet monetary goals, job loss, or outright financial crisis, too many of us have let the stress of financial issues obscure our higher priorities. Taking Stock is a revelatory book filled with the wisdom and practical tools to move toward a lifeview in which success is defined by spiritual clarity, not by the promises money seldom delivers.

The author has been through his own rags-to-riches-and-back-to-rags saga, through which he learned money's true place and value. Examples from his own experience and from community and business life are sprinkled with teachings from the world's religions — not to mention a healthy dose of common sense. To the religious and nonobservant alike, Taking Stock reveals:
  • * the role money plays in our lives
  • * why we envy others for things we don't need
  • * the difference between failure and failing
  • * and how to "start over" using new definitions of success and happiness
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