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The Meister Plan
Author: Dr. Tuvia Meister
Publisher: A Shaar Press Publication

A doctor's prescription for financial security and success in learning
Hard cover $19.99
Paper back $16.99

  Product Description
Tuvia Meister, M.D. had two goals: to learn all of Torah, and to have the financial security to learn. With wit and insight, he tells how he found his way to intense Torah life and presents his practical, down-to-earth, and successful prescription for investment success. It's a formula anyone can follow - and it lets people sleep at night while they reap a fortune, in Torah learning and in the resources to pursue it. The first part of this book relates how the author found his way back to the Torah life of his forebears. It's the fascinating and humorous story of a young medical student learning to read X-rays while trying to read the road map to the world of Torah and mitzvos. but the most important part of this book - one that should be read and taken to heart by anyone who has been tempted by today's get-rich-quick mentality - is how Dr. Meister invested small amounts of money regularly, so that it would grow and grow. He wanted financial security, so that he could devote his time to learning, and he achieved it - starting with only $10 a week. In his words, "My philosophy fits the economic circumstances of most frum families. It's a hands-off philosophy; that's the beauty of it. If you're frum, you really should not be constantly monitoring the stock market; that's not a good way to spend your time." In this book, Meister shows how to do both: to learn Torah and invest for long-term wealth and security. He teaches his methods, lists his portfolio, and shows the reader how to choose his own. So invest - and start buying and studying "The Meister Plan" to financial success
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