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Sign of Life
Author: Eli & Gold

The beloved Eli & Gold Comics in book form


  Product Description
Reb Lippa Meinzer has been accused of murder. Once he is exonerated, his family must flee … final destination unknown. Just as they leave their hometown of Ozholov, they are separated from their precious only son, Isser’l. Where is Isser’l, and how will the Meinzer family ever find him?

As the Meinzers’ travel through Europe and the United States, they encounter the wise Chasam Sofer of Pressburg, kind Mr. Bollag of Switzerland, and gentle Jakobo Luzzato of Venice, each of whom aids them in their journey. Across the ocean, young Tom, earnest Shimmering River, and curious Diego all have their roles to play as this endearing family is finally reunited.

* Will the black slaves succeed in freeing themselves of their cruel overseer?
* Can Simple Shmerel deduce the source of the Del Castros’ mysterious behavior?
* Why was Isser’l’s sign at the port? And what does the sign signify?

Find the answers to these spine-tingling questions in the pages of this nonstop-action story, guaranteed to draw readers, young and old alike, into the lives of the Meinzer family and their friends.
  • Author: Eli & Gold
  • Cover: Hardcover, large format
  • Pages: 61
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