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Life Cycle & Customs
Living The Halachic Process
Publisher: JD

Hard Cover: 440 pages

Made In Israel


  Product Description
• Does a place of business require a mezuzah, and, if so, does one make a blessing when affixing it?
• Is there a minimum time that Shabbat and Yom Tov candles must remain lit?
• Should one pray from a siddur or by heart?

These questions, and the more than 100 others in this book have been culled from thousands of queries that have been sent by Jews from different backgrounds and levels of observance throughout the world to the Eretz Hemdah Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. They touch upon every area of Jewish law and reveal the basic desire of all Jews to understand their belief system.
The answers themselves reveal the unique way that the Eretz Hemdah Institute melds sound halachic responses with a sensitivity to the individual and an awareness – not easily found today – that it is not necessary to burden the Jewish people with unnecessarily stringent laws.
In a detailed introduction, the editors present the development of halachic literature over the centuries. They give the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the process a rabbi goes through and the different approaches used to form a teshuva (response to a question).

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