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Marriage & Relationship
Marital Intimacy
Author: Avraham Peretz Friedman
Publisher: CB

A Traditional Jewish Approach. 139 pages.Soft Cover.


  Product Description
This book defines the Jewish view of human sexuality and differentiates it from general Western conceptions. The Torah regards sex as holy, provided by God for humankind, and as a positive aspect of life so long as it is performed within the context of marriage, with the pleasure of one's partner in mind, and with the worship of God paramount. In Friedman's view, this basic Jewish notion of intimacy sets it apart from the Christian version, which considers intimacy more negatively. Pleasure, prized by both religions, is often seen by many Christians as a temptation to evil, something to be abstained from in this world in order that other rewards may be enjoyed in the next. Judaism, by contrast, believes pleasure to be sanctioned by God, seeing it as a bridge between the profane and sacred realms. Where Christianity can find a conflict between the physical and the spiritual, Judaism finds them united in a God-created whole. Friedman's is a fascinating presentation of a sensitive subject and one that is highly recommended.

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