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Marriage & Relationship
Finding your bashert
Author: Shani Stein
Publisher: The Judaica Press

Strategies for Success
Paper back $12.95

  Product Description
Finding your bashert contains a treasure of tips and successful strategies for getting oneself in the shidduch mindset and focusing on finding the right person. For the reader who is finally ready to completely focus on getting married, this book will provide invaluable advice! Shani Stein puts into words things you may have known but could never say. Read this before you go out on another date.
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1: Breaking the Down Barriers Preventing You
  • From Getting Married
  • 2: How Do I Know When I'm On the Right Track?
  • 3: The Shidduch Wardrobe--How To Dress For Success
  • 4: Interview With A Shadchan
  • 5: How To Find A Good Date
  • 6: Mars And Venus On A Shidduch Date
  • 7: Hishtadlus vs. Bitachon When Dating
  • 8: Reasons People Say No When They Should Reconsider
  • 9: Dealing With Rejection
  • 10: Parents Who Mean Well
  • 11: Do's And Dont's For Parents Of Shidduch Daters
  • 12: Ehr Hat Gezukt Zi Hat Gezukt
  • 13: Stories That Will Make Your Dating Life Look Good
  • 14: Making Your Unmarried Years Count
  • Afterword
  • Glossary
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