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Marriage & Relationship
Eternal Joy Vol. 2
Author: Rabbi Sholom B. Winebert
Publisher: Sichos in English

A guide to shidduchim and marriage
H/C - Set 3 Vols $53.87
H/C - Vol 1 $17.95
H/C - Vol 2 $17.95
H/C - Vol 2 $17.95

  Product Description
Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

In the annals of Jewish history, no one individual has been turned to for advice on so many matters great and small and by so diverse a populace, as has the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The more crucial the issue, the more people felt the need to garner wisdom, counsel and blessing from that one individual who loved each and every Jew with every fiber of his being, unconditionally.

Not surprisingly, with regard to so critical an issue as marriage, beginning with finding one's mate, the engagement period and wedding, and continuing throughout the married life, there is a plethora of responses and directives from the Rebbe, offering guidance and instruction to people who turned to him during this crucial period in their lives, or in the lives of their loved ones.

By means of his voluminous correspondence, his answers through his secretariat, and public pronouncements during fabrengens, chassidic gatherings, and the like, the Rebbe addressed with fatherly love and scholarly wisdom a vast range of human and spiritual concerns relating to various aspects of engagement, marriage and living a happy married life.

Eternal Joy assembles these warm and thought-provoking pearls of the Rebbe's wisdom in one book. The Rebbe's approach to successfully building "a faithful edifice in Israel," a marriage of "eternal joy," is now accessible to all.

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