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Marriage & Relationship
The Laws of Niddah
Author: Rabbi Binyomin Forst
Publisher: MES

A comprehensive exposition to their underlying concepts and applications
Hard cover - Vol. 1 $27.99
Hard cover - Vol. 2 $27.99
Paper back - Vol. 2 $23.99

  Product Description
Halachic authority Rabbi Binyomin Forst continues his comprehensive treatment of the laws of niddah with the publication of the second volume of his outstanding legal compendium.

Not only are the underlying concepts of the laws explained, their logical halachic process is demonstrated and the various opinions regarding their applications are discussed with thoroughness and expertise. From everday practices to current medical procedures, from chapters on setting a wedding date through later life concerns, every statement is backed by significant research and abundant citation of sources. Expansive indices and a full bibliography facilitate further research. Clearly written, yet extensive in detail, the copmlete set of The Laws of Niddah is a reference vital to every Jewish home and library.

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