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Parenting and Family
Honor Your Father and Your Mother
Author: Rabbi Ze'ev Greenwald
Publisher: FP

A compilation of Stories, Anecdotes, and Holochos on Kibud Horim


  Product Description
The mitzva of honoring parents is one whose rewards are felt in both this world and the World to Come. A mother and father are partners with Hashem in their child's creations, and as such, are worthy of tremendous honor and respect. "Honor Your Father and Your Mother" is a collection of stories highlighting the importance of this mitzva and the significance our Sages attatched to it. With anecdotes spanning from the time of our Avos and Prophets, to the Tanaim and Amoraim in the Gemara, to contemporary Gedolim, "Honor Your Father and Your Mother" is full of inspiring examples for us to emulate. Also included is a summary of laws, making it easy to put this inspiration into practice.

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