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Parenting and Family
Expecting Miracles
Author: Chana Weisberg
Publisher: HB


  Product Description
Expecting Miracles is a collection of refreshingly honest and inspiring interviews with traditionally observant Jewish mothers about their diverse experiences of pregnancy and childbearing. It is about the ways in which mothers have managed to make these important stages in their lives into a time for personal growth, spirituality and real-life miracles.

These wonderfully different, engaging and vibrant women, who represent a wide cross-section of the religious community, will quickly draw you in. Their personal stories will energize you to approach your own pregnancy with new insights and understanding.

Everyone talks about the “miracle of pregnancy,” but how often have you, the expectant mother, actually felt that way about this experience? After the first burst of enthusiasm when you received the results of your pregnancy test, you have probably found, as most of us do, that processing this earth-shaking transition gets pushed aside by the rush and routine of daily life and the unrelenting demands of work/study, family and home. The time that you take to read this book over the course of your pregnancy will provide the necessary space in your life to recapture that original sense of awe and wonder, and will enable you to discover ways in which you can revitalize your pregnancy experience by growing and developing along with the baby inside of you.

Expecting Miracles is filled with emotions that will touch the heart of anyone who has ever traveled the path towards motherhood and will inspire readers to find meaning, spirituality and Jewish expression in their own childbearing experiences. It provides new insights for pregnant women through a diverse array of personal accounts of pregnancy and childbirth by traditionally observant women living in Jerusalem, and includes interviews with distinguished educators and midwives, who discuss how pregnancy and childbirth relate to Judaism and the religious community.

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