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Parenting and Family
A Gift for Teens
Author: Roiza D. Weinreich
Publisher: MES

Ideas and stories to keep you going when you're happy and pick you up when you're down
H/Cover $19.99
S/Cover $15.99

  Product Description
What’s the GIFT? G stands for gratitude. I stands for inspiration. F stands for family and friends. T stands for triumph. Add them up and they make a gift worth having -- and not just for teens.

Roiza D. Weinreich knows people, loves people, and has the knack for drawing out the best in her students and admirers. She doesn’t preach. She tells you about herself and her ideals, and as you read you find yourself nodding in agreement, smiling, and thinking “Hey! I can do that!” Not the least of its virtues, this book contains over a hundred letters and poems from teens just like you.

Let the author tell it: “You have dreams and goals. Your routine may include studying, socializing, shopping and dieting. These things are all important in one way or another, but they are incomplete. You want to accomplish something great. You want to make a real difference in your life and in the lives of others. Secretly you wonder -- aren’t we here on earth to accomplish something more? You feel shy to talk about these issues, yet you wonder -- are you the only one?

“Believe it or not, you are not alone.”

How reassuring! When you’re not alone, and when you have Roiza Weinreich and a hundred teens just like you helping smooth out the rough spots, you can feel the warm sun over your shoulder and a smile erases the furrows on your brow.

It’s great life -- it really is -- as you turn the uplifting, friendly, practical pages of this book. The best part about it is that its “ co-authors” are all ordinary teenagers, like you. They challenged and overcame discouraging situations and attitudes -- and so can you!

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