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Artscroll Interlinear Tehillim - One Volume
Author: Rabbi Menachem Davis
Publisher: Mesorah Publications

Interlinear Tehillim /Psalms Full Size - The Schottenstein Edition
Full-size Regular - ITEHH $21.99
Full-size Leather - ITEHL $36.99
Pocket Regular H/C - ITEPH $17.99
Pocket Leather - ITEPL $25.99
Pocket Regular P/B - ITEPP $14.99

  Product Description
Discover the series that has revoltionized the prayers of thousands...

How can this new format help you? See for yourself!
  • Your eyes never budge from the Hebrew word
  • You vier Hebrew and English simultaneously
  • Your concentration is unbroken
  • You focus on the meaning of the prayer, because you see the translation as you pray
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