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The Fiftieth Gate
Author: Reb Noson
Publisher: MZ


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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov emphasized prayer as the main way to become connected with God, teaching that we should speak to Him about all aspects of our lives, spiritual and material, supplementing the set prayer servics with our own individual prayers. Likutey Tefilot is a collection of the prayers of Reb Noson, who was Rabbi Nachman's leading disciple. Our sages teach us that the highest level of knowledge of God - known as the Fiftieth Gate - is beyond the grasp of the human intellect, but can be apprehended distantly through prayer. Reb Noson once remarked that his prayers were drawn from the Fiftieth Gate.(Prayers 41-66) Translated by Avraham Greenbaum. Softcover, 631 pages, 5" x 8"
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