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Weekday/Shabbat Prayerbooks
Siddur Tehillat Hashem with Tehillim/Psalms
Publisher: MER

Siddur Tehillat Hashem with Tehillim - new format
Regular-size H/C $20.95
Medium-size H/C $12.95

  Product Description
Crisp, new lettering, a plethora of source notes, a handy chart that spells out when prayers may be interrupted, halachic how-tos, and Chabad custom pointers enhance this brand new edition of the Nusach Ari Siddur and Tehillim. Page flipping is minimized by thoughtful details such as the inclusion of the full Kaddish text for each recitation and the printing of the appropriate "korbanot" sections before the weekday and Shabbat mincha services.

With textured leather-like binding and raised gilt lettering on the cover, the siddur is a magnificent marriage of the art of prayer and the art of book design.

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