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Weekday/Shabbat Prayerbooks
Artscroll Interlinear Mincha-Maariv
Publisher: MES

Interlinear Mincha-Maariv. Nusach Sefard or Ashkenaz Pocket Size.
Ashkenaz $3.30
Sefard $3.30

  Product Description
When you pray, you want to know what you're saying — as you're saying it! Now you will! Thanks to an expert team of scholars, writers, editors, and graphic designers, ArtScroll's new Interlinear Series is here — the revolutionary new way to add meaning and understanding to prayer.

The patent-pending use of arrows directs your eye in the right direction so that you can keep following along.

Includes complete Minchah, Maariv, Bircas Hamazon, Tefillas Haderech and more!

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