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Spiritual Health, Insights, Growth and Inspiration
The Sefiros and the Self
Author: Rabbi Yaakov Feder

A Divine Blueprint for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth. Harness your energy for inner healing and personal growth


  Product Description
The challenges that most of us face in our day-to-day lives are often a product of our own character flaws and lack of personal growth. G-d created the world utilizing the Sefiros, a perfectly integrated system of intellectual, emotional and expressive attributes. The lessons of the Sefiros can be applied to our own character development. The Sefiros and the Self analyzes real-life examples and provides practical, down-to-earth solutions to help us overcome chronic failings and discover our ideal selves.

Clearly written and accessible to all, this is timeless wisdom in a 21st century garb, designed to bring out the best in you!
  • A profound and useful system… providing a framework for spiritualgrowth and development.” Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersch Weinreb
  • “[Sefiros and the Self] can help the individual repair his or her own inner disconnect and dysfunctionality.” Rabbi Alter B.Z. Metzger
  • “Rabbi Feder has drawn on the Divine cosmic scheme to illuminate the human condition and to diagnose and rectify prevalent human failings. … I suspect that almost everyone can find themselves in this book.” Professor Yaakov Brawer Ph.D.
  • “[Rabbi Feder] has opened the doors to the soul, making the deepest mysteries of man accessible … This is a masterpiece.” Rabbi Moshe Weinberger
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