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The OU Guide to Checking Fruits, Vegetables and Berries
Author: Orthodox Union
Publisher: mes

Second Edition Softcover, 80 pages


  Product Description
You say you have never eaten an insect...? Aphids, thrips, and other insects make their home in many of the vegetables we eat each day. These insects are often hard to remove; a simple washing of the vegetables will not solve the problem. The incidence of infestation in many vegetables varies throughout the year, due to seasonal influences and insect life cycles. Additionally due to the prevalence of imports and the many advances in product storage and preservation technology, seasonal fruits and vegetables are now available year-round. Moreover, it is often impossible to trace the origin of a particular vegetable.

In order to take these diverse factors into consideration, the OU undertook a three year research study of the infestation levels of various types of produce. Many of the guidelines in this book were established based upon this research. Produced by the staff of the OU Kashrut Department, it will serve both large caterers and individual households as a guide to preparing fruits and vegetables in a way that complies with halachic requirements.

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