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The Art of the Cantor- Jan Peerce
Author: Jan Peerce
Publisher: SE

Jan Peerce—The Art of the Cantor. With Choir and Orchestra. Prayers,blessings and songs for the High Holidays, Shabbat and Chanukkah. Ovinu Malkeinu, Shma Yisroel, Havdolah, Ma'oz Tsur.


  Product Description
  • Vli Yersholayim Ircho
  • Ovinu Malekinu
  • Shma Yisdoel
  • Retsei
  • Havdolah
  • Ad Ana Adoshem
  • Eloheynu
  • Pis 'Chu Li
  • Ahavas Olom
  • M'Kimi Meofor
  • Mimkomcho
  • Sh'Ma Kolenu
  • Ovinu Malkenu
  • Mo'Os Tzur And Blessing For Chanukah Haneros And Al Hanism
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