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You Left Mitzrayim
Author: Rabbi Simcha Groffman
Publisher: FP

Kinder Torah For Passover through Shavuot


  Product Description
Looking to help your children appreciate the events of Pesach and Shavuos? You Left Mitzrayim! will help you transmit the message of these times. Learn about the cruelty and hardship of the Egyptian exile, the miracles of the plagues, and the awesome experience of standing at Har Sinai. Then, connect them to our present-day routines of Pesach cleaning, matzah baking, checking for chametz, and counting the Omer -- and other topics to discuss with your children.

You Left Mitzrayim! also includes a Haggadah Companion to enhance your Pesach seder. The secret to really connecting to and reliving Yetzias Mitzrayim lies in being able to relate and understand the events of Pesach. The Haggadah Companion contains selected Midrashim in story form, telling the tale of the Exodus from Egypt in vivid detail. You'll feel as if you were there! And most importantly, your children will, as well.

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