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Purim Revealed
Author: Naphtali Winter
Publisher: IB

The Inside Story of Megiias Esther


  Product Description
Who really was Achashverosh?
What actually took place in the royal palace?
Why was there initial opposition to the acceptance of Megillas Esther into the Scriptures?

Purim Revealed gives you the inside, behind-the-scenes story of Megillas Esther. Part 1 provides historical background, while Part 2 delivers the Megillah itself, including many details and facts- some of which are relatively unknown. The Purim story comes alive in a way that you may never have known before!

Delving into the early sources on the Megillah - primarily the Targum to Megillas Esther, as well as a wellspring of Midrashic works - this book addresses many of the puzzling mysteries of the Megillah, and fills in the details of the events surrounding one of the Jewish People's most dramatic redemptions.(196 Pages)

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