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Yamim Tovim
Author: M. Klein
Publisher: LJ

Illustrated by Moti Heller. Translated from hebrew by S. Hertz. Graphics and layout by E. Korlansky.


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As the month of Tishrei draws near, the days become exciting. It's a month full of Yomim Tovim, which are all so delighting. On these special days Hashem wants us to be near, We daven and do teshuvah, to deserve a good new year. On Rosh Hashanah, to shul we all do go, pour our hearts out in Tefillah, as the mighty shofar does blow. Yom Kippur is a fast day, Hashem judges each and every one. We all want to be so good, now that a new year has begun. Then the mood becomes lighter- Sukkos is near! From morning to night, Bang! Bang! Is all we hear. And when Simchas Torah arrives, our joy is so great. As with the Torah we dance and sing, till the hour's real late. So turn the page, the time has come to start, to learn about these great Mitzvos, of which all of us take part!
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