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Author: Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Salamon
Publisher: MES

Akdamus Millin
Hard cover - Heb-Eng $21.99

  Product Description
For a thousand years, a mystical Aramaic poem of breathtaking beauty has held an honored place in the Shavuos liturgy. On the morning when Jews read the Torah's account of the giving of the Ten Commandments, they pause to chant the masterpiece of Rabbi Meir of Worms.
The greatness of the Creator, the song of the angels, the seduction of the nations, the unique role of Israel, the reward of the future, the splendor of Torah - all of these and more are contained in the ninety verses of Akdamus.
Through all its history, the difficulty of its language and the depth of its thought have made the Akdamus a locked treasure for all but a few. Now, its spiritual wealth is made available in all its beauty and intensity.
A new translation, anthologized commentary, liberal quotes from Scriptural and Rabbinic sources alluded to by the poet, and an Overview setting forth the philosophical/Hashkafah ideas embodied in the Akdamus - all of this is now available for the first time to the English-language reader who prays: Uncover my eyes that I may see the wonders of Your Torah.

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