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Matza Cover - 240R
Publisher: KR

Terylene Matzah Cover Approx 21" Overall Diamter

Made In Israel


  Product Description
White terylene Matzah cover with embroidery. The embroidery depicts the four cups used during the Seder on Passover night. It also depicts an open Haggadah, some floral design, and the words "Lechavod Chag Ha'Matzot" meaning "In Honor of the Holiday of Matzah's".

This particular cover also features a unique partitioning for the three Matzah's that will be kept inside. Each partitioned section features a tab with the traditional name given to the Matzah's, Cohen, Levi, and Yisrael.

  • Matzah Cover
  • Clear Plastic Protector
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