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Megillas Esther: the Answer Is...
Author: Rabbi Chagai Vilosky


  Product Description
"Prepare to understand the Purim story on an entirely new level!

There is so much to discover in the story of Purim. For centuries commentators have pored over the words of Megillas Esther, creating a rich treasury of explanations. Megillas Esther: The Answer Is... draws upon these commentaries, helping us uncover the depth of meaning in the Megillah's words, and giving us a unique perspective on the world-changing events taking place in Shushan.

In Megillas Esther: The Answer Is... we read the words of the Megillah with over seventy commentaries, from Talmudic times through today.

Wondering how to make your Purim even more meaningful? Read through the questions and answers of Megillas Esther: The Answer Is... and begin to truly comprehend the greatness of Purim's hidden miracles.


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