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Author: Ari D. Kahn
Publisher: FP

In-depth analysis of the Jewish holidays through the prism of rabbinic perspective

Made In Israel


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A Jewish holiday is, indeed, a holy day. Every chag, every festival, has its own spiritual character, connecting us with our traditions, our history, our beliefs, and our Creator, in its own unique way. Using a wealth of Midrashic, Aggadic, and mystical sources Rabbi Ari Kahn examines the many facets of each Jewish Holiday, deepening our understanding of the day and allowing us to better access its holiness.

What is the connection between Mashiach ben David, Mashiach ben Yosef, primordial light and darkness, and Rosh Chodesh? How can we better understand the sin of the golden calf by examining Pharaoh's heart? What is the significance of lesser-known holidays such as Tu B'Av, Lag BaOmer, and the entire monty of Elul? In these erudite and beautifully crafted essays, we discover the answers to these questions and many more. We discover, as well, new facets of the holidays that mean so much to us as Jews.

328 pp

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