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A Nation of Witnesses
Author: Rabbi Shlomo Rozner
Publisher: FP

An anthology of commentaries and insights of the Talmudic Sages on the Revelation at Sinai


  Product Description
The Revelation at Mount Sinai and the Giving of the Torah to the Children of Israel constituted the most monumental episode in the history of our Nation. It was the momentous occasion when Hashem appeared in all His glory and spoke directly to His Chosen People. Because it was witnessed by 600,000 adult males and vast numbers of women and children, there can never be any doubt that this fateful event actually occurred. Moreover, the souls of all future generations of Jews were present, such that the Revelation was, is, and will be engraved in the hearts and minds of the Jewish people, wherever we may be, for all time. The Revelation at Sinai is our eternal legacy. We are commanded to recall this event, in all its magnificent detail, and to repeatedly recount it for our children and grandchildren. To this end, we are obliged to familiarize ourselves with every aspect of the Revelation and to constantly refresh our memory. In this volume, Rabbi Shlomo Rozner's anthology of commentaries and insights of the Talmudic sages and Torah exegetes which expound on the verses describing Ma'amad Har Sinai has been masterfully rendered into English by Rabbi Yehudah Bulman. In addition, he has provided sources for all the citations and reorganized the material into a cohesive, chronological format that guides the reader from the days of preparation that preceded the Revelation, through the wondrous miracles Israel experienced, up to and including the glorious moment of receiving the Torah.
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