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Shavuos Secrets
Author: Rabbi Dovid Meisels
Publisher: IB


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Of the three major festivals, Shavuos is distinctly different. It is different in duration-just one day of celebration instead of seven. It is different in action-no specific mitzvos are associated with this day. Most significant of all, it is different in purpose. For while Pesach and Sukkos recall the past, celebrating the Exodus and Hashem's special care of His people, Shavuos celebrates an ongoing event: the receiving of the Torah. For, as our sages tell us, the Torah should always seem new to us-as if we received it afrtesh every single day.
Shavuos Secrets is an essential tool in this task. Discover the Yom Tov of Shavuos, and celbrate anew the Giving of the Torah.

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